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Your Comprehensive Guide to Customs Declaration Forms in Ireland

customs declaration form ireland
Shipping Points, Responsibilities, Incoterms, and More

International trade relies heavily on the accurate completion of customs declaration forms. In this in-depth guide, we'll explore customs declaration forms in Ireland, covering not only the basics but also shipping points, responsibilities, Incoterms, and essential information to ensure a smooth customs declaration process.

What is a Customs Declaration?

A customs declaration is an official document detailing the goods being imported or exported. It is a legal statement indicating the intent to place goods under a specific customs procedure, triggering crucial processes like duty calculation. Virtually all goods, except those for free zones, require a customs declaration.

Types of Customs Declarations

  • Customs Declaration: This form serves as the primary document for detailing the goods, their value, and origin.

  • Export Declaration: Required when shipping goods from Ireland to other countries, this declaration provides critical information to customs authorities.

  • Import Declaration: When goods arrive in Ireland, an import declaration is essential to comply with customs regulations.

Responsibilities for Customs Declarations

Responsibility for lodging customs declarations in Ireland primarily rests with the owner of the goods or an authorised representative. Additionally, individuals or entities with control over the goods may assume this responsibility. This multi-faceted approach ensures active participation in customs compliance from various stakeholders.

Do I Need a Customs Declaration for Ireland?

Yes, an electronic customs Safety and Security (S and S) declaration, known as an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS), and, more importantly, an Irish import customs declaration must be lodged. This means that customs duty, if applicable, and VAT need to be paid before goods can enter free circulation in Ireland (EU). This requirement is essential for goods departing from the United Kingdom.

Key Data for a Customs Declaration

To complete a customs declaration form accurately in Ireland, you need the essential data:

  • Commodity Code: A specific code for your product, ensuring precise categorisation.

  • Customs Value: The declared value of your goods a crucial factor in the declaration.

  • Origin of Goods: Accurate information about the product's origin directly impacting the declaration.

Consequences of Non-Declaration at Customs

Failing to declare goods at customs can result in severe consequences, including property seizure or forfeiture of ownership. Monetary fines and additional penalties may also apply, underscoring the importance of proper declaration.

Incoterms - Simplifying International Trade

Incoterms, short for International Commercial Terms, are a set of standardised terms defining the responsibilities and obligations of buyers and sellers in international trade. These terms address crucial points like the transfer of risk, delivery, and payment. Familiarising yourself with Incoterms is essential for navigating international trade smoothly.

Vehicle Imports

Importing vehicles, especially cars, requires specific customs procedures. Whether you're importing a car from Japan, Northern Ireland, or the UK, you'll need to navigate customs regulations, car clearance, and vehicle clearance processes. In general, all vehicles brought into Ireland are subject to Customs duty, VAT, and Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT), unless exempt, and must be registered with Revenue. Once this is settled, you'll need to obtain new vehicle registration plates, secure valid motor insurance, and pay the necessary road tax.

Custom Charges - Importing from the UK

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, customs duty and import VAT would apply at the point of entry into Ireland. The applicable duty would be determined by the commodity code for the particular goods in the customs tariff. Ireland will be obliged by law to charge the third-country duty rate on imports from the United Kingdom. This is the default that applies where there is no particular preference under a trade agreement. The rates vary across commodity types considerably.

Note: If you buy goods from outside the EU, you may have to pay customs charges (Customs Duty, Excise Duty, VAT) to Irish Revenue. We collect these customs charges from you and pay them to Irish Revenue on your behalf.

What Happens After Your Declaration Has Been Accepted?

After your customs declaration has been accepted by AES, you will receive a notification regarding the routing of your goods. There are three different routings: green, orange, and red, each with specific characteristics.

Green Routing signifies that your goods have been cleared based on the received export declaration. Orange Routing indicates that your goods have been selected for a documentary check, requiring you to provide all relevant documents for clearance. If everything is in order, we will finalise the export declaration in the AES system. Red Routing means your goods have been selected for a documentary check and a physical examination. We will verify that the goods declared match the actual goods.

Green Routed Freight - Your Trusted Customs Clearance Agents

In a post-Brexit landscape, customs obligations between the UK and Ireland have evolved significantly. Compliance is paramount to avoid fines and penalties. Our team of customs clearance agents expertly handles your customs declaration needs. We submit declarations electronically in advance, ensuring full compliance with Irish customs regulations and international trade requirements, including accurate duty and tax calculations.

Beyond compliance, we serve as intermediaries between you, the Irish tax authority, and freight forwarders. Our 24/7 support ensures that your customs documentation needs are met, allowing you to focus on core business activities. Reach out today to discover how we can facilitate the smooth movement of your goods in and out of Ireland.

We're your trusted partner in Ireland's dynamic customs declaration landscape.

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